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Dear colleagues,

We would like to express our great pleasure to invite you to the International Scientific Conference, ETC 6, entitled A century of Romanian capital in Europe and its metamorphoses in the informational era, to be held on the 10th -11th May 2018, in Bacau, Romania.

The conference is dedicated to the 100th anniversary of the Great Union in 1918, an important historical event in the development of modern Romania, and it aims to create a forum for discussing challenges, changes, and responsibilities in creating a space for sustainable development. The forum is opened to all representatives of the higher education, business and legal environment interested in expressing views on capital, its role in contemporary society and its metamorphoses over time, the role of education, research, creativity and innovation in capital development, as well as on legislation dedicated to capital development and protection.

We believe that this international conference will be an important and significant event that will provide the participants with many opportunities for dialogue which will stimulate the emerging of new ideas and new projects for our common future, contributing to a better understanding of the changes and challenges facing the modern world, as well as the global responsibility that we all share.

The conference will also be an excellent opportunity to discover the beauty and diversity of the natural and cultural environment of Bacău County, located in the north-eastern region of Romania. Bacau, the main city of Bacău County, has a history of over 600 years

being located about 300 kilometres from Bucharest.

We look forward to welcoming you in Bacau in May 2018!

The organising committee

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