A century of Romanian capital in Europe and its metamorphoses in the informational era

The A century of the Romanian capital in Europe and its metamorphoses in the informational era aims at highlighting the following aspects:

      • 2018 is a special year for Romania, the year when we celebrate the Centenary of the Great Union, and Romania has become not only a larger state but also economically stronger;
      • the evolution of the Romanian capital in the twentieth century Europe and, in particular, the changes in its structure after 1990;
      • the depreciation of the Romanian capital due to the "modern" methods of privatization and its replacement by foreign capital infusion;
      • tax competition in Europe, a century ago, and especially nowadays, caused by the multinationals that dominate the foreign markets and in front of which the Romanian capital registered losses;
      • the coordination of economic, monetary and fiscal policies in our country by the European Commission based on the principle of the defence of the Single European Market and the Treaty on Economic Stability and Growth, signed in Amsterdam in 1998 and assumed by our country;
      • the direct application of EU legislation in our country and the incoherent, domestic legislation generated by legislative and administrative incompetence, to the prejudice of normal economic activity and of an attractive and competitive business environment;
      • the motion towards the Western European countries, especially of young people, due to a lack of perspective in Romania - the cause of the lack of qualified domestic labour force in the domestic market;
      • lack of consistency and predictability of national policies on education, health, public order, etc. and the steps taken by Romania to join the Schengen area.

We hope that the debates of the conference are heard and received constructively by those able to act in order to remedy the deficiencies and the normality of the Romanian economy and of life in general.

The organizing committee.

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